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2012,a start of a new year.
Last year, iPhone was blockbuster success, competing with what Android mapped out its own marketing strategy aggressively and achieved over 50% shipping ratio in the domestic smartphone market. After all, by the prediction of IDC, domestic smartphone market will grow up to 28.70 million in 2012 and 34.03 in 2015.

In this market situation, services and contents for smartphone is being enriched. Not only service contents that are close to people's livelihood like SNS, mobile TV and E-book, but also public services like mobile public administration, telemedicine, location information and online finance and payment are all increasing gradually.
A research called `a survey on the usage of smartphone` conducted by an America research institution showed that 90% of the users have the experience of photography and 80% have accessed internet , this result reveals smartphone is a product attached firmly to people's livelihood.
However, in spite of the high-end users in Western and some developed contries of Asia are accounting for a substantial percentage, the diffusion of low price handsets in developing contries are also expected. If so, as a neccessary item, smartphone will be that keep on spreading and improving in the future.
It is the seventh year since YICHA's foundation. We are continuing to plan and develop widely mainly in smartphone business. And we wish we would buckle down to be a useful company to the users from Japan's domestic market such as northeatst to worldwide business partners.
We will appreciate your further help and encouragement from now on.

17/01/2012 by CEO/Masahiro Irie