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AdVisionとは… AdVision, a leading mobile ad network between China and Japan, brings high revenue for publishers, and ROI for advertisers.
アプリだけでなくWEBサイトにも対応 iOS Androidに対応しています。 文字色や背景色を任意でカスタマイズすることができます。
Ads revenue×Users generalization
広告導入まで5分 テキスト広告、ピクチャー広告など多彩な広告表示形式に対応 アプリ利用者からユーザーを送ります。
Access analytics to app SDK Advision広告アクセス解析SDK
Access Analysis is a neccesary process of the promotion and monetize of Smartphone APP. With AdVision you can not only delivery ads but also load Access Analysis. With the installation of SDK and SDK Access Analysis, you can confirm how the APPs users using the APPs of your company visually, and improve the performance of ads and accumulate know-how which is useful for the development of APPs.
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